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Stall Tactics to Disable Your Ex

Family Law courts are overwhelmed. Divorce is on the rise and the economy is not showing any signs of a meaningful recovery.

If your desire is to hold off your divorce, to stall and put pressures on your ex other than those already overwhelming them, one of the best tactics to use is to drag your feet on discovery. If you are asked to produce documents, check registers, tax records, or whatever, take your time. In fact, produce no more than half of what is ordered or requested on the first request no matter what. By the time the second request or order comes it will be a month or two later, and then only produce half to three quarters of what is asked for. Remember to explain why you could not get everything together – you had a lot of work lately, your fighting depression, perhaps had an accident or maybe even your kids are struggling. Or you had to move and or store everything and you cannot find it now.

I have seen these tactics used to great advantage of one of the parties over the other, dragged on for almost three years. And while the courts and judges talk about sanctions, for the most part they are impotent to enforce a sanction in a divorce. While there is case law and plenty of Family Law Code to allow for sanctions, nearly all courts and judges have decided to play the wait and see game when it comes to divorce.

So, if you want to frustrate your ex into submission, simply act dumb when the court asks for documents… it works all the time.

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